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Holy smokes hi! Thanks so much for doing this. I am about to move in to a tiny studio ~350 sq ft. I love the place—huge windows, wood floors and a fake red fireplace. I'm just out of college and have never been able to decorate a place yet, so I'm clueless. I'd love to do something that is clever and a bit silly, with a good place for my books, and that separates my bed from the rest of the room.

Any advice would be great! I've basically just been looking up Ikea hacks and small apartment ideas. Thanks!

Image 1-

Image 2-

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Hello! Thank you for the photos it looks pretty bright so that's great. You can make it feel larger by painting everything white. By using the vertical space for interesting shelving you'll also get the most from the space. Closed style nightstands may also provide you the extra storage you need. Do you have an photo for the book shelf you envision?

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Thanks for the suggestion! Should I even paint the red fireplace? I don't know much about color theory, but I figured I could use the fireplace as a focal point and have everything accent it (these words I'm using I don't really understand).

I've heard a lot of good things about Ikea's Billy bookshelf, plus it's in my price range.

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BILLY, Bookcase

Current $59.99 Apr 09 2014
   High $59.99 Dec 12 2013
    Low $49.99 Dec 10 2013

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Lookit dis fine walkingdead spricimen

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You bet! Painting everything white will make it all feel larger. Then create a great focal point with a bold piece of art and a bit of accessorizing above FP....a big mirror to the right will open the space up even more. That bookshelf could be a great DIY project, as you mentioned. By placing it on the horizontal, adding legs and then making the flat back a headboard you'd have some fun and creative solutions!

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Awesome. Didn't say thanks yesterday, sooooo thanks! I'll ask my landlords if I can paint that thing, and I'll tell them it's coming from Leura.

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Curious about how that conversation went with your land lords.

"....yeah r/DIY. ... yeah HGTV."

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What's your honest opinion on Ikea furniture and other products?

Quality vs. affordability?

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I think that Ikea furniture, when mixed in with other pieces, and sometimes modified can be a great option. I don't think it will last you forever but they certainly offer some stylish solutions a low prices. However, there are lots of great looking affordable options that are sometimes even less expensive than ikea and better quality. World Market has good options and Overstock.com and wayfair.com are great go to places as well! Check out this site for ideas on how to modify ikea furniture - http://www.ikeahackers.net/

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I just moved into a new apartment that has a lot of original 1950's detail, which I love, but the bathroom has awful tile (lilac and butter yellow, purple tub). What can I decorate with to diffuse the dated tile?

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What do the floors look like? I would choose one of the colors that you like best and actually play it up as an accent. You can do an all white shower curtain with a colored trim to cover the tub/shower tile area. Keep everything else simple in the space. My friends home was similar ( but was awful yellow and blue/green tiles) and we painted the bathroom walls a similar blue, put in a lovely white vanity, and just played into the color scheme! Do you have any photos? I can give far more specific recommendations if I see what it looks like!

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Great ;) The floors have the same tile pattern of yellow and purple, and the floor isn't in great shape. The yellow is definitely the less offensive if the two colors, so I'll try to play that up.

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Painting the walls a grey might actually look good with the yellow. Then you can do a combo grey/yellow/white. Could be chic!

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That sounds perfect actually! Also, I'm trying to configure my family room, but I can't figure out TV placement. Here are some pictures, the only wall not shown is floor to ceiling windows and French doors so I can't put furniture in front. http://i.imgur.com/vKUcKH7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/p71fyPb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Nye9A0A.jpg

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What if it went to the left of the doorway to the kitchen where your small paintings are and you put it on an extendable arm. That way you could leave the sofa where it is in the niche.

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My wife and moved into a new house in a great neighborhood but we both like the "vintage industrial" design look. What are some DIY things we could do to bring a vintage industrial look to a newly finished house?

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Iron based furniture, reclaimed wood, and filament bulbs all come to mind. Here are a few easy things to do: 1) I would try finding some interesting old gears/ mechanical parts from flea markets or ebay. Adding these in as quirky decorative objects on bookshelves, coffee tables, and side tables are great for creating that vintage look. Old gears make very cool lamp bases also! 2) Change out regular light bulbs for filament bulbs where you have a light fixture that you can see the bulbs.
3) Create a bookcase out of old crates 4) Use reclaimed wood to make an accent wall 5) Old/vintage books are also great in creating a vintage ambiance.

Hope this helps. Happy to send along additional ideas!

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Thank you for the offer! We are in the process of enlisting a contractor to remodel our attic space into a home office/crafting area (I sew, etc). The space is about 12' x 36'. So far our plans are to have the space drywalled, carpeted, run recessed lighting across the center ceiling, and install two doors on one side of the eves to make a "closet" to tuck away all the items for storage. We are also having the contractor replace the rod iron banister in the picture with a custom L-shaped book shelf (we are academics).

Do you have any other suggestions for maximizing the space or suggestions for window treatments or furniture types? My style tends toward transitional, but I love color and am no stranger to up-cycling. I don't want to just have an office desk on one side of the attic and a sewing table on the other. I also worry about the height and slant of the ceiling throwing things off.

Here is a link to pictures of the space. The construction is scheduled to begin next month. :-)


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What a neat space! Here are a few things that immediately come to mind. I would do a set of drapes over the window and place my desk in front of it with a lovely desk lamp and cozy chair. It would be fun to choose a bold color for that space ( like a dark teal) and take family photos, small pieces of art, posters, etc and layer them as a gallery wall. Also, I would ask the contractor to wire for a hanging light to be centered in the space! A nice, well sized chandelier, would make it incredibly cozy. Your sewing table could go against the wall on the left side ( if you are facing the window) and then you could do a small daybed or sofa with seating area on the opposite wall. It looks like you could have a nice console on the wall opposite the window that you could line with books and place lamps at the end of. Perhaps even put a small club chair there. Here are some links to some fun inspiration photos: Gallery wall: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812686753392/ Wall color: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812686023070/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/143130094379552926/ Ultimate library! : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/143130094377977234/

Built ins are a great way to maximize space as well as floating shelves also!

I will try to sketch up a quick floor plan for you in a few hours. Best Leura

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Thank you so very much! I love the chandelier idea and the second (brighter) teal is one of my favorites. I am getting even more excited about the process now. I would love a floor plan sketch since I'm a visual gal too. ;-)

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I don't have any pictures available at the moment but I am about to paint and redecorate my very outdated den. It's at the back of the house and in spite of a bay window and full glass doors it doesn't seem to get much light.
The walls are paneling; which I am about to paint something close to this:

I'm loving this color palette:

I have an old field stone fireplace with a very high, ugly, chunky and rough pine mantle. The stone is very smoke stained and days of acid scrubbing didn't budge the darkened stone. The firebox is no longer safe to use so we've installed a gas insert. Both sides are flanked by full wall shelves that I'm probably going to take down.

Now for my question: Have you ever seen a stone fireplace painted? Would it be weird looking in your opinion? If so, should I stay with the wall color? Should I paint the grout to contrast the color I put on the stones? Thank you!!!

*Edit: I found a couple of older shots of the fireplace:

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Love the paneling paint color! However, I would literally paint everything out white. The stone, the side shelves, the paneling, and then you could paint the inside of the paneling the lovely color that you selected. It will make everything feel crisp and provide the perfect background for your accent colors/fabric that you have selected. Does that make sense?

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I think so. By inside of the paneling do you mean shelves?
And not that anyone cares, but I have decluttered since the time of this picture!

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The paneling on the wall behind the shelves could be the the color you've selected and with everything else crisp it will create the perfect backdrop for featuring lovely accents in your home.

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Thank you so much! I was really procrastinating getting started on this room because I was so indecisive. I can't wait to get started now!

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So excited that you are going to get started on it! Sometimes its just getting a little help to get you on your way.

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Hi Leura, do you have any quick tips, tricks, or guidelines for interior design novices that are helpful? For example, when I learned about the 70/20/10 color split guideline for a room, it all made so much sense.

What tips do you have to enlighten us? Thanks!

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Hi! Here are some guidelines for furnishing your space! You absolutely should think about function first. How many people do you need seating for, how do you like to spend time in the space, do you have pets, children, etc?

Then once you have defined that then you can use a free room planning tool to create a floor plan. Your floor plan will help you figure out how many items of furniture you need and will therefore help set your budget for the overall space.

After you have a floor plan and your shopping list of items you need then you should focus on color and style. Select your paint color first and then decide on a decorative color palate. Then, depending on what your style is ( modern, traditional, etc) decide on how you are going to balance variety in textures, solids vs. patterns, etc. This will help you with your shopping tremendously.

Also, there are great tools to help you like MagicPlan and Icovia Room Doodler!

Interior design services are always super helpful as well ;)

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Great advice, thanks!

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No problem!

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I have a serious issue with clutter in my house what can I do to get rid of this clutter and help organize my home

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step one: Take everything out and unpack it in the middle of the room. It might take forever and it will definitely feel worse before it feels better step two: Make three piles. Keep, Toss, Donate. Divide everything up and BE tough!! Only keep the things you ABSOLUTELY need/love/heirlooms,etc. step three: Find nice looking storage pieces and/or create a large storage area with covered armoires ( Ikea has good ones) Bookshelves, baskets, cabinets are all great ways of storing your stuff stylishly! Instead of keeping everything out on your bathroom counters, put it away and only display your most beautiful products ( cologne, perfume, candles, etc) Put your cotton balls and things in nice glass jars. Declutter your kitchen with a nice potrack ( bed bath and beyond sells great ones that are inexpensive) and nice looking containers for your sundries!. These are just a few easy ways to make your space clutter free and stylish!

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Here's a blank canvas for you:

http://imgur.com/PSx91Oq http://imgur.com/u9P9HRc

Room is off kitchen. Space is about 22 ft long and there about 9 ft of usable space deep. First thought is a sitting room but that just takes up area in middle leaving a good amount of blank space on each side. Help!


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hmm photo link seems to be broken. Can you resubmit?

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A few questions: Will this be your main living room/ family room? Do you need space for an office or play room for kids?

If you want to set it up as a living room you can do sofa opposite the fireplace with a coffee table in front and two chairs either side the coffee table. You can do nice side tables either side the sofa. Put a plant in the corner by the window or even do a nice club chair with reading lamp and side table ( where you have the folding table now). You can add low bookcases along where the windows are. A rug would also help define the space. One image is working now but having problems with the second one still!

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Thanks for the reply.

We've got a separate living room which has a TV and a large couch, so this would be more of a family room. No current need for an office and no kids yet.

What you can't see is an attached small room that currently we're calling the "Reading room", it's got a chaise and a lamp, but I suppose having more comfy chairs to relax wouldn't be a bad thing.

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I've never seen the show and my girl wouldn't let me make any changes to her decor, but you have nice hair.

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Thank you!!! I really appreciate the compliment.

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if you don't get a large response here you may try posing over in /r/homeimprovement as well, good luck!

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Thank you!

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Literally getting ready to remodel my basement for my mother in law any advice? It is literally just studs right now so it's a blank canvas.

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Lighting is going to be incredibly important. Definitely make sure you either have recessed lights installed or plenty of ceiling mount fixtures and lots of plugs for lamps. Everything else depends on the style of your house, the size of the space, and the climate! Also, built in shelving/ closets will be key to make sure the space doesn't feel cluttered and your MIL has a proper closet area. Any additional info you want to provide and I can give you more details that way!

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Yeah I was thinking of recessed shelving for her down there it's a pretty big area but with everything she wants down there it's going to be "fun" to play with the space. Live in Chicago, IL the basement thankfully has never flood as the house was built on a hill but I will never say never so I installed a sump. Lighting wise would LED lights be better for a darker area? She's 75 years old so I need to make sure she has the proper lighting.

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Sounds like lighting and a built in shelving or cabinet is the best for initial elements. LED recessed lighting will provide the overhead light to keep the space bright and accent lights will make the space comfortable. Is there a style of interiors that inspires you?

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Space space space that's really what I love. Open concept seems to be the best I'm actually going to be renovating my upstairs as well and want to knock down almost every wall up there except load bearing walls haha

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Then just a few things to keep in mind. 1) Keep the color palate simple and light. Don't paint an accent wall or go with heavy colors! It will make it feel smaller and darker 2) Find nice tall bookshelves or an armoire that draw your eye upwards. You will want to emphasize the height of the ceilings as much as possible. 3) Don't have your contractor install large baseboard or crown molding- it WILL make the room feel smaller. Simple squared off molding will give you clean lines. 4) A mirror in the space will help it feel lighter as well!

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Was looking at your website and noticed you send people a "plan list" does that list include construction materials or is it just furniture/draperies type of list?

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It includes everything you need to execute the designs that the designers put together. So if they specify a DIY project or an accent wall or paint types, anything, it tells you what you need!

Hope this answers your question!

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Ok I would love some help with some basic guidance.

Wifey bought this new couch, accent chair, and also a grey accent chair that mathches the couch. I am trying to figure out how to set it up int he space we have for it. Ive attached a link with a pic or the chair, and couch and a basic sketch of the living room.

Currently, the TV is mounted on the 12' wall up top and we have a sectional couch against the window wall . Lost on how to set it up with the couch and 2 chairs? Any ideas?

Maybe a reco on paint colors also that would go well. The alla are currently tan and a deep red accent wall and its time to lighten it up a bit. Thanks


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I would put the tv on an extendable arm first of all. It is every easy to do. Place the sofa on the wall opposite the window then place coffee table in front of it and an accent chair either side the coffee table. Some nice side tables and lamps would be nice to finish it out.

I would go for something like Benjamin Moore HC 169 Coventry Gray or HC170 Stonington Gray! They are nice light grays that would compliment the uphosltery fabric.

Pic of me picking out your colors! http://imgur.com/4EuVPAQ

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My SO and I recently moved in together, and I am having a hard time harmonizing my moroccan-bohemian-boudoir decor with his more modern/scandanavian style. All my gem tones, tassels and filligrees clash with his clean lines and layered neutrals. I'm at work so I can't post pictures, but any inspiration or insight would be much appreciated!

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I have seen this many times with couples that I have designed for! Totally normal.

I would say that you can go with clean lined furniture and create the pizzaz and fun that you are looking for with pillows, art, accessories, textiles, etc. Either purchase the furniture in bold colors but with simple shapes or have all neutral upholstery and paint the walls a bold color!Here are a few inspiration images to start! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812686308634/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812685905766/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812685905779/

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Hey there! I have my bedroom pretty much sorted, except for my desk. It sits in the corner right now, but I'd like to move it to the center of the wall. What should I put on either side as to not have it looking so bare?

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Here are a few options: 1: Standing lamp 2: Plants 3: bookshelves could flank it on either side ( love this look!) 4: Art- ie. a gallery wall always fills up a space nicely 5: You can do a small chair in the corner where that wall and the adjoining wall meet

Hope this helps!

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Fantastic, thank you!

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Hi! We're renting a house while my husband goes back to college, and after we moved in, we realized that our prints (of paintings by Tom "Thor" Thordarson, goofy and cute), which had looked great on white-painted walls, looked awful hung on the decades-old fake wood paneling of this house. As renters, we can't change the walls. How do we make the paintings look okay - or do we just pack them up until we move? And if the latter, what DOES look good on fake wood paneling?

(edited to fix artist's name)

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I would say that clean, contemporary style art in colors that match your furniture would be easier to pair with faux wood paneling. However, depending on what the rest of the space looks like, you could make your Thor pieces work by going for a more fun and whimsical vibe. Almost make it campy! Layer in other fun art, pull out colors from the piece and find cool throw pillows. Send photos and I can give more ideas!

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I recently tore all the ugly floral wallpaper out of my parent's bathroom and gave everything a new layer of paint as well as relaminated the countertop from pink to the fauxgranite. It turned out okay, but the vanity just looks old and dated.

The budget was pretty tight, as I was just doing it to be nice, but are there some other things that could done without much expense to help improve the looks of the room? The floor sucks, so that'd probably help quite a bit on its own, right?

Here's a few pics.

What I started with

And where I'm at now. I think it's an improvement, but could still use some work.

http://i.imgur.com/9oMtnF7.jpg | http://i.imgur.com/3QsrW9D.jpg | http://i.imgur.com/Ux4NiJC.jpg

Any help would be appreciated! I've since installed new towel bars, so don't worry about those, haha.

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First of all, good work on the work so far! It is vastly improved! Here are a few things I would do next.

Get a tension rod and hang a shower curtain to cover the tub- will soften the look and the lines of the bathroom. Something like this could be fun: http://www.westelm.com/products/mrk-slate-horizon-stripe-shower-curtain-d1748/?pkey=cshower-curtains&cm_src=shower-curtains||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

Buy nice accessories for the countertop like clear glass jars for qtips, cotton balls etc! A tall woven basket for laundry etc would look great. Crisp white towels with a single color accent will make the space feel more expensive along with a new lighter bath mat. http://www.potterybarn.com/products/grand-embroidered-700-gram-weight-bath-towels/?pkey=call-bath-linens&cm_src=all-bath-linens||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

You could also use a nice piece of art for the walls.

New hardware for the cabinet ( don't see any there)

Best! Leura

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Thanks for the help!

[–]lspielman04[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

No problem! Have a great night!

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Hi! I hope you see this!

My boyfriend and I just bought a house and this is the kitchen: http://imgur.com/SEiqNrv

And we have no idea what to do with it.. Right now it just takes up so much space and is not our style (we like grey, white, simple, not too much wood).

Do you have any advice on how to make a simple yet functional kitchen, that is roomy yet has lots of storage space? Thanks so much!

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Hi! Are you looking for quick fixes ( paint color, seating, etc) or are you guys planning on renovating? This will help me better judge how to answer.

[–]MrHerron 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Renovating! We're going to buy a new kitchen and already got new floors, they're a really light grey/witheish oak. We're probably going to paint all walls white, but I was thinking of adding some colour.

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Hi Leura,

Thanks for taking the time to help this community! I was hoping that you could help me with my room. I always felt that something was missing in it, but I can't seem to figure out what I want. link to album

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So here are a few suggestions!

  1. Cool chair in the corner by the door. Nice to have a place to sit and put clothes/shoes on in the AM!

  2. Art and mirror! I would do a large mirror over your dresser and some cool art above your bed.

  3. Window treatments- either drapes or roman shades would be great to add some color and warmth to your room.

  4. New bedding will help make it feel more finished also. You could choose an accent color for the space ( like hunter green) and get some cool bedding in those colors to make it pop more!

[–]silvrenithron 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Thank you!

Also, do you have any suggestions for what to do with a plant shelf next to a staircase. Right now there's just some fake plants there and it's kind of an eyesore.


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Hmmm... large niches such as that one are tough to fill. I would recommend a large piece of art or a mirror actually. Or go for a full size plant!

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This is just what I need, thank you very much.

I'm a college student and just moved into a new apartment and I need some advice. The space is smaller than my last space and I can't find out how to fit everything well. I'm not against completely rearranging the space. I don't have a large budget.

I can paint, hang things, do all of that without knocking down walls.

My style is more modern/industrial/with a little down home country mixed in. I tend to like darker woods but as you can tell, I have lighter wood in my cabinets.

Let me know what you think. I have arrange the album in a way that walks around my space. There should be something in each picture that can orient you to the last.

Again, thank you a bunch!


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Ok! Here goes! 1. I would get rid of the large side tables or repaint them ( spray paint) and use them as nightstands in your bedroom. 2. If you wanted to mount the tv on the wall above where the dining table is now, you could buy or make something simple like this: http://www.houzz.com/TV-cover -- if you did that then you could do sofa on that wall, side table, coffee table and then you could put barstools at the kitchen counter and leave the dining set where it is. 3. Otherwise, leave the furniture how it is currently laid out!

  1. Drapes would be great to cover the windows. You can buy nice inexpensive ones from target!

  2. I would paint the space a great color. Maybe a deep navy or hunter green.

  3. Art! You can find great art, wall art, mirrors, etc at flea markets, ebay, etsy, etc. You definitely need a few fun pieces to spice it up. Placement will depend on how you ultimately lay out the furniture.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply

1) what kind of drapes? I'm kind of scared to get some because I don't know how'd they look in the space. What styles are there? What color? etc.

2) I really want to paint. I had in mind a light grey with a red accent wall but Navy sounds awesome too (my last apartment was Forest green).

3) I'm doing my best to find affordable art. I've even tried to make my own but I cannot get it to look good.

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Lets go with the navy/ grey color scheme! I would paint the walls light grey and use navy/blues in accents.

These are cool:http://www.target.com/p/threshold-jacquard-ikat-window-panel/-/A-14368360#prodSlot=medium_1_30

Art options: http://www.target.com/p/bicycle-wall-art/-/A-14004490#prodSlot=medium_1_21 Photography would be a great option as well in simple black frames. Or take photos yourself, print them in black/white, and frame them!

Good luck!!

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When I paint should I paint the wall by the sink? What about the ceiling in the kitchen? What about the wall behind the sink (behind the futon)?

I like the grey window panels in the link you gave me and that makes me want to paint the window wall navy. Would I also pain the adjacent walls navy? leave them white? grey?

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I would paint all the walls gray OR navy. Accent color walls will make the space feel smaller. Ceiling should be left white ( if it is already or paint it white if it isn't- Swiss Coffee is always a good standard go to)

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Thank you for all your help! I can picture it already. Time to get to work!

[–]Toast42 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Hi Leura,

thanks a lot for doing this! It couldn't have come at a better time, either. My GF and I have a very dated kitchen in our home that we would love to refinish. We recently updated our fridge and stove, and we'd like to get the rest of the kitchen looking good as well.

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/ChorZ

The first 4 pictures are our kitchen, the second two are the concept we're going for. And a few questions:

  • What's the best way to paint our existing cabinets? Any color suggestions?

  • Any suggestions for the counter top? I like the idea of a concrete countertop, and I think it would look good with the gray cabinets.

  • Any thoughts on maximizing cabinet space? I'd like to install a small dishwasher as well; I'm afraid a full-sized dishwasher would take up too much cabinet space.

  • Any other feedback I didn't specifically ask for?

Thanks again! I hope your new website works out, it seems like a clever idea; sort of a www.99designs.com for rooms!

[–]lspielman04[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

  • Benjamin Moore's conventry gray is a great color for the cabinets. Its so funny because before I even saw the inspiration images, I was thinking how nice the cabinets would look gray! Use a low gloss paint to do it ( easier to wipe down and will give you a nice sheen)
  • I would go with white countertops ( marble is beautiful or an absolute white granite or caesertone). It will pop much more than if you do a grey against the grey cabinets. Otherwise butcher block ( wood) countertops would look fantastic as well ( like the ones you have) -You could hang a pot rack on a wall to help with storage space or you might could fit a slim moveable island in! You can purchase these ready made at a number of places!
  • I would definitely go for the dishwasher. Even if it eats some of your storage up it will help with resale!

[–]Toast42 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks for the response, and good luck with your new website!

[–]Muvian 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I live in a studio apartment, what is the best use of space and what would be the least expensive way to do so?

[–]lspielman04[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You want to make sure that every piece of furniture has multiple uses and provides storage! Beds, for example can come with storage underneath the mattress. Nightstands shouldn't be open but should have drawers or doors for storage. Keep all the walls the same color to keep it from making the space feel smaller and make sure you have lots of great lighting options! Hope this helps ;)

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How hard/attainable is it to remodel a mobile home? It's the only option I have right now and I want it to look nice.

From what I've read online I can remove the craptastic vertical metal sheet siding and put up plywood then wrap it and put the horizontal siding on it.

I would need to extend the roof a bit to keep it from leaking in between siding and wall, etc.

My dad says sheetrock would be safer than plywood, how hard would that be?

And concerning additions, how can you pull it off without it looking hickabilly and being more trouble than worth?


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I'm going to be building a screened in deck - about 20'x13' with a 15'x13' open deck next to it. Something similar to this deck

I live in a place that gets all 4 seasons equally - we want the screened in area to be usable for 3 seasons.

Any ideas you have to make it more than just a "plain deck" would be great.

[–]lspielman04[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Hi! In terms of a "plain deck" do you mean in color/ style or in layout?

[–]sorbate 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Layout primarily, functional add-ons that would make the space better, etc.

Thank you!

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Too young to own a place but thanks for the AmA! You rock!

[–]lspielman04[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

No prob!!

[–]thegreatgazoo -4 points-3 points  (1 child)

FYI, House Hunters kind of has a bad reputation around here.

What's the best way to decorate/furnish a large L shaped area that is supposed to be a living room/family room/dining room all as one?

[–]lspielman04[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Hi! Do you have any photos? Hard to space plan without knowing where windows, doors, etc are located!