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I really love how raw and honest Avey and Panda are in this album. This is where, I feel, they became comfortable with their abilities, and they chose to express them in the most bare-bones way. I think that's why this album comes off as very bone-y to me. Choosing a favorite track is useless, I just love most of them. I do feel the need to defend Visiting Friends though. I'd liken it to a more zonky and erratic version of Bros.

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Sung Tongs is one of the best AnCo albums IMO. Winter's Love never fails to make me feel relaxed and a bit happy. Leaf House also gets a mention for being such a good opener.

Praise be to AnCo.

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This is my favorite album in general and IMO it's a 10/10. Every song is so flawlessly done and it doesn't even sound like they tried to make it that way. They just jammed and then one thing led to another and they have this beautiful piece of work that no other band can match in style and sound

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Sung Tongs honestly never gets old for me. It always puts me in a better, more carefree mood. Like for some reason after listening to it I feel like some weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I love how innocent and full of wonder so many of the songs are, combined with the tribal and almost primal aspect of it. I think it's just a very refreshing album to listen to, because so many songs these days are just about wallowing or heartbreak or whatever and while that's all well and good I just think it's nice to listen to Sung Tongs and have a departure from that, because they're essentially just songs about being outside and being happy.

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Easily one of their best. Visiting Friends is one of their best songs ever IMO, and Mouth Wooed her, Kids on Holiday, Winter's Love, and The Softest Voice are all top tier stuff as well.

Whaddit I Done is a song I'm super conflicted about though, heh. I both love the melodies and am kinda turned off by the WAOOWAOOWAOOWAOOWAOOWAOOWAOO.

Also is it just me or is Who Could Win a Rabbit the most Elephant 6-y song ever?

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Definitely my favorite album from them. Something about the barebones nature and straightforward approach makes it just feel so comforting.

Leaf House alone just puts a giant grin on my face and starts the album is such a genuinely upbeat way. Winters Love is an absolute masterpiece of a track and that opening section of it is so wonderfully beautiful. College gets a lot of emotion out of such simple elements and We Tigers is so gloriously weird that it's amazing it's as fun and catchy as it is.

I also love Visiting Friends because it almost puts you in a trance to let the subtle instrumental additions later wash over you. It pretty much based on emotion and still gets its mood across even if the repetitive melody causes you to zone out, which I find pretty impressive.

Overall, this album holds a special place in my heart and it's one of the AnCo albums I'll break out the most. An absolute classic from start to finish.

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My favorite AnCo album, to be sure. Slightly off topic, am I the only one for whom Visiting Friends reminds me of Pink Floyd - Dogs? Oh yeah, that song's my favorite.

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am I the only one for whom Visiting Friends reminds me of Pink Floyd - Dogs?

I've never noticed this connection and I'm a pretty big fan of both bands. What makes you seem them as similar?

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I'm honestly not entirely sure. The first time I heard Visiting Friends, I thought of Dogs and I haven't been able to shake that since. It might just be the length (they're both the longest songs on their respective albums, thought Dogs is substantially longer), the acoustic guitar, and the rather depressed feel of them. Other than that, I can't really say. It's just a feeling I get.

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I love Sung Tongs. It's a beautiful record. One of my favorite things about it is how over the course of the album, I feel like it touches all of the seasons. For example, Kids On Holiday reminds me of Spring/Summer and Visiting Friends reminds me of Autumn/Winter. I could probably go through each song and pick a season or time of year that the sound represents to me. I love that about it. Overall, I think it's a well written, unique piece of music. Definitely up there in terms of my favorite AnCo releases.

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I love this album, and IMO it's their first great album. Campfire Songs is good, don't get me wrong, and STGSTV was also incredibly impressive, but this was the first album that they made their own sound that was also easily accessible. I'm glad that this is the album that launched them into the spotlight.

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I really love the place in my mind this album puts me in. If I close my eyes it feels like I'm on the porch of a shack in the mountains during autumn at night with an afghan around me while drinking black tea. That's sort of all the things that Sung Tongs reminds me of.

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pitchfork also has a nice journal thing about some guy's person experience with this album that I liked a lot http://pitchfork.com/features/secondhands/9375-forever-21-a-look-back-at-animal-collectives-sung-tongs/

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sung tongs is just too good I CANT DESCRIBE THIS WELL ENOUGH 10/10

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The whole album is absolutely gorgeous, but Visiting Friends is one of the best songs that they ever wrote...

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i'll say it: Softest Voice - Winters Love is the best back to back on any Anco album.

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It has everything you could want in an album. Songs that put you to sleep like visiting friends, softest voice, Good Lovin Outside, songs that get you super psyched such as We Tigers, Who Could Win a Rabbit, Leaf House and it also has an Anco classic like Winter's Love.

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Visiting Friends is a religious experience. The whole album is obviously incredible but I think the triple shot of Sweet Road/Visiting Friends/College is one of my favorite three song hits. It's an incredible example of track sequencing, two minute long tracks book-ending the longest track on the album is awesome.

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The initial shift into the later period of Animal Collective which had a more poppy vibe; some may complain about this transition, but I feel its AC just moving on to new fantastic AC sounds; the combinations of warm instrumentals and strange animal noises of Avey and Panda make this album something unlike anything ever produced, and it kicks ass. We Tigers is easily my favorite track because of its mere absurdity/insanity, but Visiting Friends also falls pretty high up as a very ambitious piece.

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Softest Voice is my favourite off ST

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This is their best album IMO. I love AC a lot but honestly some of their songs either really click with me or not at all. I know on most albums I will usually skip a few songs here (Daffy Duck and Bees I always skip). This album the only song I skip is Visiting Friends because it is simply about 5 min too long. The rest of the song I just love.

This album also has some of the best vocal work from Avey and Panda. Their songs have the most consistency and really fuse together. Most AC albums I can now pick out "oh this is an Avey song" on Sung Tongs that isn't as instantly distinguishable.

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I cannot say enough good things about Kids on Holiday.

It's undoubtedly my favorite song of Sung Tongs, and while it's essentially about observation of airports and the weariness of travel, so much emotion is conveyed in mundane occurrences. I think this is the Avey's peak form as far as finding beauty in the mundane.

The two things that mar Sung Tongs for me are Visiting Friends, which is essentially Two Sails on a Sound and/or Pride and Fight with all the energy taken out of it, 5 minutes too long, and devoid of any progression - and Whaddit I Done.

Also, the Who Could Win a Rabbit Video is fantastic. It's a lot more goofy guys with no money than Domino-records backed artsy nonsense.

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that's an interesting take on visiting friends. as in one i've never seen before because it's frikkin visiting friends!
i disagree with the no progression - there is at least some, with the strumming noticeably louder during the second half of the song, the tch sounds acting as a beat, and the wobbly sounds (not sure what they actually are), but even with minimal progression, it seems intentional. a lot of people say that once you get really into the song, it puts you in a meditative/trance-like state, and every fault you had with it - the sounds staying relatively constant, the long track length, and the sluggish feel - helps with that.

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it's timeless. it's so raw and unbridled, this is panda and avey with zero filter. i actually like that it's only the two of them, it lends itself to being a more personal and intimate album that way. the energy that this album possesses is just unmatched imo, it feels like you're in the same room as them the entire time. i love it.